Who we are

Flight A/V is a team of creatively driven and expertly skilled “artist-technicians” from all facets of modern media production and content creation.

Our signature capabilities include award-winning audio/video production and Ultra-High-Definition Video acquisition on the ground and in the air.

Our Team    Our Director

Paul Christopher Greene

Managing Director

Born in Germany to an opera singer and a poet-painter-lawyer-scholar, Paul Christopher Greene’s artistic and musical talents were recognized and nurtured from an early age. Classically trained in the violin, composition and music theory since age 7, photography at 10 years of age, and videography at 15, he became a professional full time night club DJ and music coordinator by age 17 culminating in mixing live on WXRT in 1998. He studied art, music, film, and audio engineering at many fine schools beginning with middle school at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, going on to pursue higher education at The Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, Roosevelt University, Interlochen and Steven’s Point Schools of Music as well as countless master classes and certification training with the preeminent software and hardware manufacturers that have changed the face of digital content creation and led to his beta testing and consulting for such company’s as Avid Digidesign (for v1 of Protools TDM), Apple (for v1 of Logic Audio), Opcode, Antares Systems (for the v1 release of Autotune) and more. In 1998 he designed, built and opened the worlds first professional digital recording and mastering studio (Alien Sound) and was featured on the November 1999 cover of Mix Magazine and on Apple.com in 2004 for his work on thousands of albums and media projects. He has been featured in a variety of worldwide industry magazines, newspapers and rare television appearences including Audio Media, Keyboard and EQ magazine, and recognized many times for his creative and technical work including a 2003 gold web design award for his production company’s website creative. Versed in all facets of visual, auditory and interactive media, his wide range of multi-displinary skills have led him to produce, direct and consult on a wide variety projects for an even wider variety of industries and clients including; Sony, Universal, Ogilvy & Matthers, Adidas, Mini Cooper, Seagrams, The City of Chicago and more. While currently focused on film, event and music production and composition, he relishes the challenge of nearly any creative endeavor.

Mr. Greene lives in Forest Park with his partner, 2 dogs, and 5 cats, is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and actively practices meditation, yoga and martial arts.

For more, please visit his personal website or connect with him on facebook, twitter, or linkedin.

Our Core

Led by our Managing Director, members of our select core team have earned the trust of such respected names and classic brands as Apple, Avid, NBC, Sony, Kraft, Hyatt, and many more.

Jennifer Cherrington

Jennifer Cherrington, a native of Arizona, grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended middle and high schools in Hudson, Ohio. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Digital Cinema and Animation from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Dayton. She has been a consultant in commercial animation and design in Chicago for the past five years while also teaching animation, illustration, 3D and 2D art, and other classes in the fields of design and media. Her strong passion for animation and graphics was recognized in 2014 when Westwood College awarded her its “Faculty of the Year” award. From age three, she has been active in dance and continues in ballet today. A reluctant runner, she recently completed her first full marathon, the Chicago Marathon. She loves coffee and can’t imagine starting her day without it!

Ray Rehberg

Ray was born and raised in Swarthmore, PA before coming to the midwest to study theatre and sound design at Northwestern University (go 'cats!). He has since moved 'down the shore' to Chicago, where (in addition to working with Flight A/V) he performs as an actor and musician in theatre and film. He has worked with Redmoon Theater, Cory Wade Hindorff, Kerrigan & Lowdermilk, Mary Poole, Geoff Button, Josh Horvath, Rabid Bat Theatricals, Studio 22 Productions, and Buzz 22 Chicago, among others.

He lives in Edgewater Beach with three roommates and his two guinea pigs, Iphigenia and Polyneices.

Shawn Murphy

Coming soon!

Our Team

We have decades of combined experience in film, video, and television production, an award winning line up of sound engineers, composers, and producers, and an extensive background in special event production and live sound/video reinforcement. We deliver content support and advertising for various vertical markets, utilizing mediums ranging from traditional radio spots and print media to rich social network/web campaigns and full 4k-6k cinematics.

Our Approach

While it may be uncommon for a media company to offer such a wide range of services, the advantages of our way of business are apparent to our clients. When you need truly comprehensive, integrated creative media solutions, Flight AV delivers the right package at the right price.

We deliver consistent, high quality, professional results to all our projects, big and small. Don’t believe us yet? Ask our repeat clients or contact us with your questions. We will find the perfect solution for your project – and we look forward to working with you again and again!

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